Overview of the Career Pathways Network

The Career Pathways Network is a new online career information system for America, with unique and friendly features designed to help people EXPLORE their career options, DISCOVER their best choices, and ADVANCE in their careers!

What makes the Career Pathways Network unique?
The career pathways and career ladders content, and not just traditional occupational information, makes this a unique career information system. Understanding the relationship between related occupations takes career exploration and occupational research to a whole new level! Additionally, our PORTAL sites offer local or regional occupational information, while our NATIONWIDE site offers occupational information summarized for all states in the US.

What you need to know about Career Pathways and Career Ladders
CAREER PATHWAYS are groups of occupations that share common foundational skills and the types of education/training programs that prepare people for entry into those occupations. Pathways help students and job seekers see how they can move from one occupation to another - typically to a higher-paid occupation - by developing their skills and improving their qualifications.
CAREER LADDERS are short narratives included in each Occupation Snapshot. They describe the occupations that people in that occupation are typically promoted from and to, including, sometimes, different types of jobs within the same occupation.